Release Notes:



  • Tags can now be ordered with drag and drop on the Tag management page.
  • The filter method (AND/OR) can be specified for tags.
  • Extended status information from AWX can be accessed for specific transactions.
  • Service forms can now be arranged in a responsive grid layout with up to four columns.

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Syslog forwarding via TCP or UDP can now be configured via Constance in the admin panel.
  • Audit log entries are now also being logged and can therefore be sent via Syslog to an external logging system.
  • Fix: The dialog to subscribe to a bucket for shared data could sometimes not be re-opened.
  • Manually refreshing report data must now be confirmed, as it’s a long running task.
  • Modules are provided with information if a service instance was ever deployed, so that initial deployments are not run twice.
  • Editing shared data with multiple subscribers on the same page is now faster.
  • Resolved a timing issue when filtering multiple data, where sometimes stale data could be on display.

ACI module


  • Add EPGv2 Report
  • Add L4L7 PBR L3Out Service

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Adjustements for ACI 6.0.5h 
  • BareMetal Service make encap_id a unique field in the static binding list
  • BareMetal Service Support for Split VPC Option
  • Pydantic Model v2 Support
  • Add QOS Class Support to BD-EPG-V1 and EPG-V1 Service