Release Notes:



  • The logging of the „deploy“ and „decommission“ actions on the Service Instance is improved, so that a run with all its actions can be traced in a granular fashion.
  • A Device Import and Export Wizard has been added to the Devices page.
  • Service Instances can be scheduled to be run at defined intervals.

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Service Instances can now also be edited when the service has been modified in the meantime
  • Improved error handling and visualisation during module installation and update.
  • The diff-view when changing a CMDB config is now more intuitive to understand 
  • The display of the StaticComboboxInput has been adapted to the other combobox inputs
  • DynamicDropdown inputs now retain the search value when losing user focus
  • Fixes an issue where static and dynamic parameters of DynamicDependentDropdown and DynamicDependentCombobox inputs could not be removed from a service template
  • Fixes an issue where StaticComboboxInput did not show and point out obsolete values
  • Fixes an issue where NumberInput did not correctly process the value ‚0‘
  • Fixes an issue which prevented the modification of nested groups when editing a service template
  • Fixes a display issue where ComboboxInputs showed invalidly added values despite being rejected by the input
  • When adding an item to a CMDB group, the editor will now automatically scroll to it.
  • When removing an item from a CMDB group, other expanded items won’t close anymore.
  • When uploading a file, the upload progress is now displayed.
  • When cancelling the upload of a file, the request now gets cancelled properly
  • Support for generic modules, which simplifies integration of existing Ansible playbooks into NCAE Core.
  • Performance tweaks when filtering large amounts of service instances.
  • Device credentials now optionally support a different password for obtaining privileged access (become password).
  • Devices can now store optional extra variables for device-specific configuration (e.g. connection port).
  • Associated device credentials and groups are now shown both on the device overview as well as the detail page.
  • CMDB data sent to external API services as part of a NCAE service can now be encrypted with Ansible Vault or Fernet.
  • Number input fields no longer react to scrolling or arrow keys, protecting against accidental changes.
  • Button colors and placement is now harmonized throughout the application.
  • One Time Reports now support asynchronuos fetching of data.
  • Services installed by a module now show a warning when being edited.
  • Services keep their module association when being edited via the integrated editor.

ACI module


  • Implemented a New Tenant Service:
  • Added Tenant Protocol Policy Report
  • Added Subject Report
  • Added External EPG Report
  • Added Multicast Configuration to VRF Service

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Improved VRF, BD EPG and EPG Service. For example removed contracts during an updating call is now enforced in the ACI fabric