Release Notes:



  • A global search was added. You can search any attribute in specific elements (Services, Service Instances, Tags, Devices).
  • Shared data can now be managed on its own page (Admin > Shared Data). Withhin this new table, shared data „Buckets“ can be cloned so that the value can be changed and used by service instances.
  • A Scheduler which can trigger Service-Instance deploy’s based on a scheduled time

Bugfixes and minor changes


  • The name of OneTimeReports can now be much longer, this was restricted to 50 chars.
  • Various small improvements for the filters.
  • Added new Device Models (Meraki and NetApp).
  • Simplified API Endpoint api/dashboard/v1/device.
  • When scheduled tasks for report/file generation do not run, a notification is shown.
  • PhaseInstances now provide a new status: „Retiring“. This can be used for the workflow: Deployed –> Retiring –> Retired
  • Handling of empty and null values in the CMDB is improved, so that no more diffs are shown on empty values.

ACI module


  • Add BDv2 OneTime Report with Detail Information about the BridgeDomain configurations

  • Added PortChannel Support to BareMetal Service

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Improved Contract Report