Release Notes: R1.2-16 (11.9.2023)



  • Files can be associated with devices. This can be useful when storing file based configuration backup for devices.
  • Filters are now consistent in placement and behaviour. When collapsed, the active filters are shown.
  • All tags can be managed in the „Tags“ section.

Bugfixes and minor changes


  • When clicking on tags on any service instance list, the list is now filtered to only display items relating to the selected tag.
  • A warning is shown when editing device credentials or name within the NCAE core, as this must match any other service (e.g. ACI module).
  • Validation of service and service instance data is improved. Uniqueness of keys can now be validated per group or globally.
  • Session timeouts can be configured per installation.
  • Bugfix: prevent rate limit errors when querying data for One Time Reports.

ACI module

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Bugfix for LACP filter not properly set in BareMetal VPC section.
  • BareMetal Service make Items in Static Binding List unique (Duplicate Bindings are prohibited).