Release Notes:



  • Added functionality for „shared data“. The aim is to provide a simple mechanism to copy data between Service Instances with full control for the update/deploy actions. This works with normal fields, groups and nested groups.
    Fields from multiple Service Instances can subscribe to the same „Bucket“. If the buckets data changes, an indicator is displayed, and updates are applied on click.
  • Services can now be edited. Note that this may need manual update to the related service instances.
External API Service management
  • LDAP configuration was improved, invalid configurations are detected.
External API Service management
  • Credentials can now be managed, named and re-used by multiple services.
External API Service management

Bugfixes and minor changes


  • Users and Ext API Services are updated to behave like other modules (e.g. Service Instances).
  • The API Schema quality was improved, reflecting some previously undocumented changes.
  • Fire and Forget Services can be configured to not be deployed automatically.

ISE module


  • The ISE module is now available for installation on the NCAE core.